Loan Negative

Reasons for loan denial

1 . Inconsistency in the data registered

All information reported by customers is validated with external sources and, in some cases, on credit bureaus. When we detect an inconsistency, the request is automatically denied.

2 . Commitment to income

In some cases we understand that the amount requested is too large or that the amount of the installment will implicate your income too much.

3. Probability of non-payment

Our credit analysis model is able to predict the probability of non-payment based on all the information we collect.

   But do not be sad, in case you have your request denied you may try again within 90 days.

Because we want the best for you, even if we do not close the deal, we'll send you some tips on how to best handle your finances, which will increase your chances of getting the application accepted the next time you try.



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