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Do you know why we are special ?

   Because we want the best for you   


Do you want to be our friend ?

This is how we treat you:   Like Good Friends

For us, when we make a new deal is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

for this reason, every loan is accompanied by a training in financial education and a monthly follow up to see how you are going in the realization of your dream.

We prepared with great care this training in the form of quick and easy to understand videos. Check out the first of the series:

This training will also cover the following topics:

02. My Money

03. My Credit

04. Understanding interest

05. Types of Credit

06. When is a good idea to take credit? When is a bad idea?

07. The default and its consequences

In addition to this material, you will have the monthly monitoring of a member of our team who can give you tips to help you in the realization of his dream.

You are important to us and deserves a better and cheaper credit option to accomplish your dream.

It will be a pleasure to be your friend,  

Team Meu Crédito



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